Tips to sell

Most people figure a real estate agent is all you need to sell a home. But what they may not realize is that they need to make sure there home is sale ready. Whether it’s tidying up the grounds, getting the interior camera-ready or designating a space for you two to work in, these tricks should get your property in, ready for an agent to advertise.

  1. Create Curb Appeal 

You might have projects that you never have had time to get to. Know is the time. Taking on one project at a time is key:

  • Can you see the home? Trim trees and bushes in front of windows.
  • Weed, rake, and straighten up all garden beds.
  • Sweep and clean sidewalks and the driveway.
  • Remove trash cans and store them in the side yard.
  • Thoroughly eliminate cobwebs and dirt near the front door.
  • Keep the yard mowed and clear of leaves (even if you have to hire a professional)
  • Keep all front windows lite and visible for potential buyers who might be driving.

There are so many more tips to not only getting your home sale ready but also plans and tips on keeping it ready for those months and or years that you have your home off the market.

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