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203K (Renovation Loan)

Having a home move in ready is what we all think about when buying a home. Unfortunately that is not the case when looking at most homes these days. We know get scared off and think.. What can I do? I love this house but I do not have the means to put the money and or time into fixing the home.

203K (Renovation Loan) . This loan is used to purchase a home that needs work and or updating. Buying with this type of loan allows one to fix all conditions in the home and move in after the work is done. Move in ready home is now move in ready.


So are you in love with a home but it needs a new kitchen or needs a work through out the whole home? contact us for more information on this loan. Do not let a little work stand in your way of purchasing your dream home.

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Selling your home in the winter. The dos and do not.

Some Home owners may be a little stand offish when it comes to selling their home in the winter. To make it a little easier for you here are a few tips to staying on top of the pack and ahead of the game to get your home sold even with the snow holding things up!

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Keep walk and drive ways clear of snow and always accessible.

Keep your house lighted inside and out.

Keep everything clean and bright. The more things look up to par the less a home buyer needs

to imagine and the more they are to keep your home in mid when buying.

Keep the heat at a comfortable level. When showing the home, buyers do not want to sit in a cold home, it is already cold outside.

Leave a rug in the entrance way and have home buyers take off their shoes when seeing the home. This will keep your floors clean and shiny for the next home buyer.

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Do not:

Let snow build up. If there is no way into the home for the home buyer, then there is no way to show them how special your home is.

Fill the home up with different smells form candles. Between allergies and just home buyers’ personal tolerances to many different smells will turn home buyers away quicker than a floor that needs repairing.


Leave pets out or unattended. Home buyers do not want to baby sit your pets even if they are animal lovers. If a cat or dog gets out and the home buyers need to chase them down believe me the showing is over at that moment.


There is so much more that we could help you with when selling your home in the winter. Contact us for a free no obligation consultation.  We would love to be a part of your home selling experience this winter.



How to buy a house while selling yours

Some home owners do not know they can sell their home at the same time as buying a new home. Steps are easy and with the right real estate agent can be very smooth and fast. Never let the thought that you can’t buy a house while selling your own.

While selling and buying a house are two different transactions you will have to deal with. Making them work together is fairly easy. After Listing your house simply stating a contingency (a condition set part of the sell that has to be accepted prior to the sell closing) that you the owner must find a house before the sell finalizes and finding a house that you love, adding what is called an Hubbard clause to the purchase contract of your new house will allow your offer on the new house to be accepted.

how to buy a house while selling your own

Though none of these sells can finalize until your house closes on its sell. It allows you to have the house of your dreams off the market until your current house sells as well as keeping you secured in your current house until you find and close on your new dream house. Closing both these transactions even on the same day are both scenarios that are not only possible but more times than none done.

There is a lot more details we can get into so to do so contact us for a free no obligation consultation. We would love to be a part of your home buying and selling experience.


First Time Home Buyers

Buying your first home is a major decision in life — but the process of obtaining a

mortgage can be overwhelming. The paperwork, requirements, and fees can be a lot to

take the first time you deal with them. Once you’re ready, the next steps are to go over

each of the loan options available so you’re sure to get the best rates and terms


One of the problems first-time home buyers deal with is failing to understand their

credit score. Before applying for a mortgage, it’s vital to thoroughly review your credit

report and resolve any errors that may appear. A stronger credit history will generally

get you more favorable terms, and a lower interest rate on your mortgage. Depending

on the lender, the minimum credit score requirements for loan qualification are often

between 620 and 640.

Another problem first-time home buyer deal with is the requirement for a down

payment — but that shouldn’t prevent you from finding your dream home. Now a days

as little as 3.5% for FHA loans, 3% for some conventional programs, or even 0% for

qualifying service-members through the VA’s home loan program is all that is required.

Speak with one of our preferred lenders to see if you qualify for these loan programs.

In addition, you will be responsible for what is called closing cost While this number

depends on your home loan’s rate and terms, experts estimate that closing costs

typically range from 2-5% of the total mortgage. So, if you take out a mortgage for

$150,000 you’ll have to pay roughly $3,700 in closing fees, although they could be

more if you pay points to buy down your rate. In some cases, you can roll your closing

costs into the final loan amount to reduce the cash needed at closing.

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