Selling your home in the winter. The dos and do not.

Some Home owners may be a little stand offish when it comes to selling their home in the winter. To make it a little easier for you here are a few tips to staying on top of the pack and ahead of the game to get your home sold even with the snow holding things up!

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Keep walk and drive ways clear of snow and always accessible.

Keep your house lighted inside and out.

Keep everything clean and bright. The more things look up to par the less a home buyer needs

to imagine and the more they are to keep your home in mid when buying.

Keep the heat at a comfortable level. When showing the home, buyers do not want to sit in a cold home, it is already cold outside.

Leave a rug in the entrance way and have home buyers take off their shoes when seeing the home. This will keep your floors clean and shiny for the next home buyer.

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Do not:

Let snow build up. If there is no way into the home for the home buyer, then there is no way to show them how special your home is.

Fill the home up with different smells form candles. Between allergies and just home buyers’ personal tolerances to many different smells will turn home buyers away quicker than a floor that needs repairing.


Leave pets out or unattended. Home buyers do not want to baby sit your pets even if they are animal lovers. If a cat or dog gets out and the home buyers need to chase them down believe me the showing is over at that moment.


There is so much more that we could help you with when selling your home in the winter. Contact us for a free no obligation consultation.  We would love to be a part of your home selling experience this winter.



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