FREE Buyers agent services!


Did you know hiring a real estate agent is a free service as long as the home is purchased through our real estate services?

Our real estate agents are happy to provide there education and knowledge in the market to better assist you in your home buying needs! Our free real estate services are available to all our buyer clients!


Our fees and or commission is contracted to be paid out by all real estate selling agent brokers and there clients. Why?

Because all commission in the state of CT for real estate agents are negotiable. We as buyer and seller agents work together to make the home buying experience easy and stress free. We have all commission come out of the sale of the home and out of the sellers side. This also makes it less stressful for the sellers so theres no out of pocket money to exchange for any real estate service because all commissions for real estate agents come out of the sell and deducted from the sell its self!

Contact us for our free no obligation consultation. we would love to be apart of your home buying experience!


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