Is Now a good time to buy a home?

home buying
home buying
good time to buy a house

With home prices in CT on the rise and decreased housing inventory it is critical to work with an experienced and licensed Mortgage Loan Originator (MLO) and a licensed Real Estate Agent in CT. Mortgage interest rates in CT are still low and now is a great opportunity for homebuyers. As your home buying team, we can help you capitalize on the opportunities available right now, and help you find the perfect home And home-loan program in CT!

home buying
good time to buy a house

Here are some Home loan programs available in CT:

  • Conventional Home Loan
  • FHA Home loan (Down Payment Assistance available)
  • FHA New Construction Loan
  • Conventional New Construction Loan
  • VA Home loan(0 Down no closing cost)
  • VA New Construction Loan (0 down low closing cost)
  • VA New build Loan

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